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Candy Floss - Love Live! School Idol Project by CallOfFateAndDestiny
Candy Floss - Love Live! School Idol Project
A couple of weeks ago, we did a Love Live! photoshoot with Orange Phoenix. We adore NozoEli, and their Christmas UR pair is adorable, so we decided to take some pictures with the Christmas lights before they were gone!! It was just a cold afternoon, but so much fun!! This picture was actually taken by the candy floss man, hahaha (our photographer wasn't allowed to get in the booth but the man was kind enough to take the picture for him!! He's also featured in another of our pictures, you'll see hehehe)

:damphyr: :iconcalloffateanddestiny: Lala as Eli Ayase from Love Live! School Idol Project (Unidolized Christmas UR)
:damphyr: :iconblanelle29: as Nozomi Toujou from Love Live! School Idol Project (Unidolized Christmas UR)
:damphyr: photo by Phoenix Orange ( (technically the candy floss man pressed the shutter, but Phoenix did all the adjustments and all that magic that only photographers know how to work Llama-Emoji-12 (Left and Right) [V1] )
:damphyr: Thanks to our lovely supports :iconvoldiesama: and :iconsejuanjo: for carrying our bags, making sure my ponytail was not a complete mess and putting on fake eyelashes 
Pretty much an Avenger - Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) by CallOfFateAndDestiny
Pretty much an Avenger - Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)
"Kate Bishop. I'm pretty much an Avenger. At your service."

I love Kate. God. I LOVE KATE BISHOP. KATE BISHOP IS QUEEN. I'm so happy I got to cosplay her. It was quite a challenge to make her costume-- it was my first time making a catsuit! But I enjoyed it so much, and wearing her was so much fun, this is easily one of my favourite cosplays.

:damphyr: :iconcalloffateanddestiny: Lala as Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) from Marvel
:damphyr: photo by Phoenix Orange (

Check out the rest of my Young Avenger babes
:damphyr: :iconinhumansandwiches: as Cassie Lang (Stature)
:damphyr: :iconmattdreams: as Tommy Shepherd (Speed)
:damphyr: :iconazariel-kirimn: as Teddy Altman (Hulkling)
:damphyr: :iconkyryna: as Billy Kaplan (Wiccan)

Please make sure to like my Facebook cosplay page for updates on my cosplay and pictures of the process! Here it is
Bubble of dreams - Roxy Lalonde Ballgown Dreamers by CallOfFateAndDestiny
Bubble of dreams - Roxy Lalonde Ballgown Dreamers
I am so bad at choosing titles. I ran out of dreamer quotes. Send help.

Another picture of the Ballgown Dreamers photoshoot we did with Rodrigo!! :heart: I've had this pictures for a while but I am super busy lately... but as soon as I finish exams I promise I'll start uploading the rest of the pictures from this amazing photoshoot!! It took place in this really amazing hotel, it was such a great experience!! And my Dirk :iconvoldiesama: is a hottie, so that's a plus wink wONK

Fun fact, this one was shot with a different lens. It was a super old one, hence the grainy look, but I think it looks charming!

:damphyr: :iconcalloffateanddestiny: Lala as Roxy Lalonde from Homestuck
:damphyr: photo by Rodrigo García…
:damphyr: :iconvoldiesama: as Dirk Strider hot a WHAT check out her gallery she's amazing honestly :heart:
:damphyr: Ballgown Dreamers designs by :iconanimegirl000:
:damphyr: Photos taken at Silken Hotel Madrid

Please make sure to like my Facebook cosplay page for updates on my cosplay and pictures of the process! Here it is
Highgarden - Margaery Tyrell by CallOfFateAndDestiny
Highgarden - Margaery Tyrell
I finally have pictures of this cosplay! I made it back in September 2014, for Japan Weekend Madrid. It was my first time cosplaying a character played by an actual person! I personally found it challenging-- I think it's easier for me to look like an anime girl than to look like Natalie Dormer, which I don't think I'm similar to at all (I wish I looked like her, she's gorgeous! :heart: ) But I love Margaery and I love Game of Thrones so I was dying to make this costume, it's one of my favourite dresses wore by Margaery! I wanna keep cosplaying Margaery so this won't be my last GoT costume! I might even cosplay another character, there are so many babies I'd adopt and take home with me... :')

The photographer, Rodrigo García, is an absolute genius. I just adore how beautiful all the pictures turned out!! I also had Belén as my support, holding my bags and the reflector, and giving me ideas for poses and pictures! TKM WAPA :heart:

:damphyr: :iconcalloffateanddestiny: Lala as Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones (Season 3)
:damphyr: photo by Rodrigo García…
:damphyr: Support :iconvoldiesama: 

Please make sure to like my Facebook cosplay page for updates on my cosplay and pictures of the process! Here it is

I'm not dead! (YAY)

I've just been super busy but I have tons of new pictures to upload here! *^* Eventually I will.

I made a Facebook page for my cosplays! I'll be uploading wips and pictures and probably lots of con selfies haha so please take a look if you want to keep updated on my cosplays! :3

Also, next weekend it's Chibi Japan Weekend Madrid. I'm super excited *^* I'll be cosplaying with the super amazing :iconjime-sama: , :iconvoldiesama: and :iconblanelle29: both days. On Saturday I'm going as Feferi Peixes from Homestuck-- in an outfit I designed myself! (along with the other three! They're going as Vriska, Terezi and Nepeta) I'm super excited to see my stuff being made so YAY It's still a bit of a secret, but I'll upload pictures after the con! On Sunday, I'm going as Ringo Oginome from Mawaru Penguindrum, and my friends will be cosplaying Triple H!

So if you see me please be sure to say hi! <3




No me he muerto! (YUJUUU XD)

He estado super ocupada últimamente pero la verdad es que tengo un montón de fotos que subir (y que haré en algún momento, lo prometo XD)

He hecho una página de Facebook para mis cosplays *^* Subire procesos y fotos y selfies durante las convenciones y cosas de esas así que echadle un vistazo! :3

La semana que viene es la Chibi Japan Weekend Madrid! Tengo unas ganas increíbles *^* Los dos días iré en grupo con mis adorables :iconjime-sama: , :iconvoldiesama: and :iconblanelle29: <3 El sábado voy de Feferi Peixes de Homestuck, de un diseño propio! (también he diseñado los otros tres: Vriska, Terezi y Nepeta). Me hace una ilusión tremenda que se hagan mis diseños, la verdad <3 Es un diseño secreto (pero mucha gente ya lo sabe HAHAHAHA), pero subiré fotitos depués de la Japan! *^* El domingo voy de Ringo Oginome, de Mawaru Penguindrum, y mis amigas van de Triple H *^*

Si me veis decid hola o algo! :3 (que no os de vergüenza, que probablemente me la de más a mí HAHAHAHAH)

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